Bust Out Your Rave Records, The Saviour Has Arrived


Your sat at home. With vinyl you that you never get to play.but no decks. This is for you…

Hot(ish) on the heels of my post about the Alesis TapeLink USB comes another fresh way to “Save UR Rave”.

The Denon DP-200USB turntable has a built- in USB port. Vinyl to Digital. Done.

Disclaimer: I’ve haven’t read the tech spec so I could be about to embarrass myself massively.

Get more details over at Unplggd

Reach for the lasers, safe.

Bust Out Your Rave Tapes. The Saviour Has Arrived


I was talking to a mate a while back about throwing out all my old tapes. This might’ve changed my mind.

The Alesis TapeLink USB is a dual-well cassette deck designed to digitally archive audio. The device allows users to transfer cassette recordings onto a hard disk, flash memory, CD or iPod.

Connection to a computer is provided via USB, with support for 16-bit, 44.1 kHz CD-quality recordings. Two different dubbing modes support either normal or high-speed dubbing. The deck also features full auto-stop capability to keep irreplacable old tapes from breaking. It works with metal or CrO2 tapes and features on-board LEDs for visual reference to sound levels.

The device comes bundled with three different apps to assist in archiving: SoundSoap Standalone Edition (SE) for reduction of background noises such as room noise and electrical hum; Audacity, a lean, clean, excellent piece of audio-editing software; and EZ Tape Converter to assist with transfers.

TapeLink USB is compatible with Mac OS X and carries an estimated street price of £140.

Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

Reach for the lasers, safe.