TweetFuel. A new(ish) experiment from Stinkdigital

Tweetfuel from Stinkdigital on Vimeo. TweetFuel is an Arduino-controlled experiment that uses the Nike+ FuelBand to measure the health of our Twitter account. This is something I meant to write about a long time ago. I also wanted to write a detailed and smart post about how and why the project came about, what it’s… Continue reading TweetFuel. A new(ish) experiment from Stinkdigital

Twitter adds World Cup hashtag icons

This little thing popped up on Twitter recently. A small icon next to a hashtag. Kinda interesting and opens up lots of possibilities for them. – Will they start to categorise more big events? – Is this how Promoted Tweets might work? – Shows group opinion well and makes the stream easier to scan read… Continue reading Twitter adds World Cup hashtag icons

BP Global PR Takes Off!!

This spoof BP Global PR account on Twitter has more followers than the real one. Almost 30k compared to 5k. They’re also trending as #bpcares. Read more about it here. See and download the full gallery on posterous

Social Music usefulness

Useful Thing Number 1 – Discover music via Spotify Spotibot – I’m Spotibot, and I help you discover music you like on Spotify. Just type @spotibot similar to into Twitter and then the name of an artist. I’ll send you back a recommendation within five minutes. Or can also use the Spotibot Playlist Generator.… Continue reading Social Music usefulness

Your Campaign On A Page

Love this campaign site SVT – a Swedish TV iPhone app. Everything on a single page – campaign idea, open letter to steve job, video product demo, selection of screenshots, pre-filled twitter message and feed, twingly and facebook feeds, live video streaming from Apple HQ (I’m assuming it’s spoofed), click “Ya” to announce approval if… Continue reading Your Campaign On A Page