“Things” for OSX and iPhone. The killer app for managing projects?

I’ve been trying out “Things” as my new app to manage projects at glue. Unlike most GTD apps it’s not too complex and i was up and running within 15 minutes of watching the screencast.

I use the desktop app for my “master” list at the moment as there’s a quick HUD that lets you get any thoughts straight into the inbox to process later.

The feature most people are waiting for though is syncing between desktop and iPhone; which the developers say will be part of the next update.

Culturedcode had to write the code for the iPhone and iPod Touch interface from scratch and have come up with something that is really simple and really sweet.




If you run projects at work and are trying to sort your life out a bit… i recommend you try it out.



UPDATE: the Desktop and iPhone apps now sync over Wi-Fi.