Next Generation Talent

Panasonic’s Next Generation Talent competition asks UK students to put their creative skills to the test and produce a TV ad. It’s back for 2009 and I’ve been asked to get involved with the judging.

However instead of me banging on about what I think; it’s clearly better to get some other opinions. So please take a look at the entries below and leave your comments on the blog or email them to me.

Here’s the lowdown.

The Brief: “Produce a TV ad to promote the Panasonic G10 Viera with FreeSat Home Hub TV, leveraging the Everything Matters brand positioning.”

The Entries:

1 – Paul Bryan // Concept: An upgrade of television life over the past forty years.

2 – Steffan Harrison // Concept: Little things make the big picture happen

3 – Romaine Reid // Concept: Show off the features and benefits of each product within Panasonics HD home hub series.

4 – David-Childs-Clarke // Concept: Electronic devices coming to life via their on lights

So that’s it.

What do you think?

Please take 2 minutes out to give these guys some feedback!!

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Disclosure: I do not work for Panasonic or any of their agencies.

Sweden’s Got Talent

We got some 10-year girl old booing her eyes out – so much so that Cowell decided he could push the News At Ten back.

Other lowlights were of course the yawn inducing Susan Boyle saga. “Like yeah man… she was a bit ugly but had an amazing voice. How is that possible?”. Singing lessons. Anyone can have them.

Anyway – I’m tuning into the Swedish one next year.

Here’s two of their entrants… broadcast on National TV.

Duchess Dubois

The Crispbread Dance

Can you imagine this on ITV – the country would go into meltdown.