Twist Our Words

Big love for this for Channel 4 by LMFM The idea has been around for ages (celebrity soundboards, edited political speeches and Chris Morris bastardised interviews) but this is lots of fun, has a nice design, it’s simple to create and share and you MIGHT GET YOURS ON THE TELLY!! All pre-moderated word wise, so… Continue reading Twist Our Words

Taped Together 2010

I’ve been asked to pick a record as part of the Taped Together Summer 2010 playlist. I think it’s an absolute beauty so go and have a listen. Click here!! Taped Together

Borrowing Culture in the Remix Age Walking on Eggshells: Borrowing Culture in the Remix Age from Brendan Schlagel on Vimeo. Interesting film about intellectual property and remix culture. “Walking on Eggshells” is a 24-minute documentary about appropriation, creative influence, re-use and intellectual property in the remix age. Worth a watch. Full details here. via

Film Poster Remix

John Taylor’s Film The Blanks blog is an awesome experiment to abstract and / or reduce film posters. Taking the art of the movie poster to an entirely new level, Taylor posts abstracted versions of popular and not-so-popular film posters on his blog, and readers guess the film based on the abstracted poster and clues.… Continue reading Film Poster Remix