Proof of Concept: The Brain To Brain Internet

YouTube link. This is a BCI experiment whereby one person uses BCI to transmit a series of digits over the internet to another person whos computer receives the digits and transmits them to the second users through flashing an LED array. The encoded information is extracted from the brain activity of the second user. This… Continue reading Proof of Concept: The Brain To Brain Internet

Augmented Reality. Texture Extraction Experiment Augmented Reality Texture Extraction Experiment from Lee Felarca on Vimeo. This is an AR-based experiment that enables the user to lift textures from real-world objects in live video and apply them onto 3D objects that are overlayed on top of them. Only box primitives are supported here, but the general idea could be extended… Continue reading Augmented Reality. Texture Extraction Experiment

The Best Augmented Reality Demo… Ever!! Me too (doing some AR stuff)! from Anatoly Zenkov on Vimeo. Genius.. Nothing more to say. [Edit – I know that vid is a complete pisstake. Just so we’re clear] Here’s a real piece of work from glue London. Part of our Toyota IQ launch campaign. Loving the detail in the reflections and the… Continue reading The Best Augmented Reality Demo… Ever!!

Cool Augmented Reality Game

Augmented Reality has quickly become the current hip thing. Until last week this virtual Drum Kit was probably the best use of the technology. Augmented Reality Drum Kit (demo #1) from squidder on Vimeo. Then I came across this. This is levelHead, an augmented reality spatial-memory game. levelHead v1.0, 3 cube speed-run (spoiler!)… Continue reading Cool Augmented Reality Game