Camera Switches: switch access to help people with speech and motor impairments

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Advertising blended with content – welcome “Embedded Advertising”

Just watch the first minute or so of the above clip, a Brits broadcast from online entertainment channel ITN. As product placement goes, you might think that Will Ferrell’s new film, Semi-Pro, had lucked in.

Well, no. All of these references to Semi-Pro were actually added in to the broadcast digitally and, according to MirriAd who are behind the work, this is a first for “embedded advertising in showbiz content”.

I’m not sure I like the idea of advertising mixed with content in such a way, especially when the viewer doesn’t know or understand whats happening.

There’s more thoughts, detail and comments in the original article:

Technology Overiew

MirriAd’s technology allows any video to be automatically scanned for suitable advertising zones. These zones are then tracked frame by frame for the duration that they are visible, being tracked for motion, blur and brightness for every pixel within the frame.



With Zones Detected and Scored


Embedded Image