Songsmith enter the YouTube Piss-Take Arena

Ok, if you’ve not read this post have a look through it. But what’s happening has to be seen to be believed. A few intrepid YouTubers are stripping the vocal tracks out of well known songs and feeding them into Songsmith. The resulting music is bad, but in a purposeful, ironic way. Adding another jarring… Continue reading Songsmith enter the YouTube Piss-Take Arena

Microsoft Gets Into Mobile Tagging

At CES Microsoft introduced Microsoft Tag, a system that enables users to instantly access mobile content,, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, etc. simply by pointing the device’s camera to a custom tag. If this makes you think of QR codes, you’re not the only one. Like QR codes, Microsoft Tags are unique… Continue reading Microsoft Gets Into Mobile Tagging

Seadragon. Microsoft launch their first iPhone app.

I’m a Mac users who’s been desperate to give Photosynth a whirl. It’s always looked absolutely wicked. Today Microsoft Live Labs got some massive brownie points with the release of their first iPhone app, Seadragon. Seadragon is the core technology behind Photosynth. It’s designed for zooming smoothly in, out and around photos over the Internet,… Continue reading Seadragon. Microsoft launch their first iPhone app.

Windows 7 Sneak Preview

Microsoft have dropped the word Vista from all their advertising; but under the hood they’re making changes too. It was big news when they removed bundled apps from Window 7 so they can focus on the core OS; meaning faster development and quicker smaller updates. They’re also making smaller important UI tweaks and improvements. Windows… Continue reading Windows 7 Sneak Preview