The Week Everything Went INSTANT

Google Instant went live last week. By the time I got in the office on Monday people had made all these: 1- YouTube Instant 2- iTunes Instant 3- Google Maps Instant 4- Google Instant Images But is it good for us: Google Instant is trying to Kill Me, by Charlie… Continue reading The Week Everything Went INSTANT

Google Maps Trike View

You’re all familiar with Google Street View and the camera-topped Google Car – but what about all of the interesting places inaccessible to cars? Enter the Google Trike, which started as a project by Daniel Ratner, a Senior Mechanical Engineer on the Street View team: “I began thinking about building a bicycle-based Street View system… Continue reading Google Maps Trike View

Becks iPhone App – Helps You Find Gigs

An alcohol brand launches an app aimed at providing a useful service rather than a pub diversion. Beck’s release Gig Finder, a mash-up between Google Maps and which lets you search for gigs in the area. YouTube link. I like that fact they’ve just combined a couple APIs to create a shiny new service.… Continue reading Becks iPhone App – Helps You Find Gigs

Mapping your digital life online.

There’s an interesting debate developing about how we manage our digital self. With the increase in social sites; think Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Last.FM, Delicious, etc… your social map is probably growing faster than you think. It raises interesting questions about privacy and who owns your data. Do you really want all your data aggregated by… Continue reading Mapping your digital life online.

Want GPS on non-GPS phones? Check out the new Google Maps beta.

Google can now tap into information broadcast from mobile towers to approximate your devices current location on the map. “It’s not GPS, but it comes pretty close..” Google explains on its website. I’ve installed this and tried it in New York. It’s amazingly accurate, and on my N95 you can activate true GPS too. Very… Continue reading Want GPS on non-GPS phones? Check out the new Google Maps beta.