Paddles on your feet – but I’d still have a go… Sportpong is a mobile game which can be installed in locations of various dimensions both indoors and outdoors as the playing area is project on the ground. Here it is in action. 3 vs 2 Rorschach kids… from Sportpong on Vimeo. It’s a… Continue reading Sportpong

Fontplore. Interactive app for searching and exploring font databases

As the development and distribution of interactive tables is still in its early days, they see the Fontplore Table as some kind of customer attraction for the bigger design agencies, where clients and designers get together and share the experience of selecting a suitable typeface for the project. Fontplore Showreel from Mphasize on Vimeo.… Continue reading Fontplore. Interactive app for searching and exploring font databases

Some Cool Visual Interface Stuff

Computer vision technologies for manipulating digital interfaces with gestures are already here and mature; now it’s simply a matter of designing creative applications around them. And as with many design tasks, presentation is everything. ActionScript programmer Peter Kaptein has done some brilliant creative work to mimic the infamous gestural interface in the film Minority Report… Continue reading Some Cool Visual Interface Stuff

Interactive Window Display

This installation includes tracking devices and low-resolution LED displays which is capable of showing different visualisations based on the presence and movement of people. La Vitrine – Montreal from steven bulhoes on Vimeo. Moment Factory developed the interactive system and content. Photonic Dreams created the LED video wall.

RGB City

We pitched this idea to a client for an outdoor experience but it never came to fruition. Shame really – I still think it’s a lot of fun and kinda cool. Dis-patch presents RGB City by Lust (NL) from Dis-patch Festival on Vimeo. RGB CITY is an interactive light/sound installation of impressive proportions, spread… Continue reading RGB City

PATACHROMO. LED Installation Lights Up Parisian street PATACHROMO™ from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo. PATACHROMO, is an installation by French artists Superbien. Presented as a succession of animated light frames lasting about 2 minutes each, the PATACHROMO program is provided as a tool for passers-by to face the grey Parisian winter weather with more serenity. via PSFK.