Exhibition. The Anti Paparazzi Bag



The bag is part of a set of exhibition pieces from Adam Harvey.

When the bag senses a flash it will send out a brighter flash to blind the camera.

It was originally part of a project but now he’s applying for a patent.

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Other exhibitions include:

Pixel Averages – an exhibition of pixel-averaged images created by using an processing technique that calculates the average sum of pixels in a group of images.


Spam, Porn and Art – an exhibition of digital art that reclaims subject lines of spam emails by mapping them into large-scale pornographic forms using algorithms.


Take 5 minutes to have a look at his work.


Halston New York Fall 09 Collection

I’m not known for being the most fashion conscious man around – but this slick video from Halston New York caught my eye.

It was filmed to highlight their Fall 09 collection and is a single tracking shot (I wonder how much digital jiggery-pokery is going on) with grogeous cars and models, cool styling and a good song.

YouTube link.

Great way to show your collection.

via CyanaTrendland