Twist Our Words

Big love for this for Channel 4 by LMFM

The idea has been around for ages (celebrity soundboards, edited political speeches and Chris Morris bastardised interviews) but this is lots of fun, has a nice design, it’s simple to create and share and you MIGHT GET YOURS ON THE TELLY!!

All pre-moderated word wise, so it’s down to your creative thinking.

Here’s mine –

Create your own –

Umbro Speciali Competition

I wrote a blog post about the Customise your Speciali for Umbro – which I entered but didn’t win.

No surprise there to be honest.

Anyway I thought people might be interested in seeing the results the competition produced. I know Umbro are really happy with the outcome, and I think they look pretty cool. The dressed shoe bottom is designed by David Smith. The lion made up of Umbro logos is by Marko Govorusa. The mouth is made by Tom Fournier.






Really nice work – and props to Anomaly and Enjoy This.

Their new work for the England Away kit it here –

Yes, it’s Drum Solo heaven

Somehow I’ve ended up getting into drum-offs tonight. There’s some great ones on YouTube but I found these crackers on the GuitarCenterTV channel. Check these guys out. So impressive!!

Drum-Off ’07 Champion – Donnie Marple

via YouTube

Drum-Off ’08 Champion – Jerome Flood II

via YouTube

Drum-Off ’09 Champion – Ramon Sampson

via YouTube

Love how the production values suddenly rocket in 2009. And check out the face on the guy holding the boom mic behind Ramon. Chewing gum. Not interested. Love it.

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