Twist Our Words

Big love for this for Channel 4 by LMFM The idea has been around for ages (celebrity soundboards, edited political speeches and Chris Morris bastardised interviews) but this is lots of fun, has a nice design, it’s simple to create and share and you MIGHT GET YOURS ON THE TELLY!! All pre-moderated word wise, so… Continue reading Twist Our Words

Umbro Speciali Competition

I wrote a blog post about the Customise your Speciali for Umbro – which I entered but didn’t win. No surprise there to be honest. Anyway I thought people might be interested in seeing the results the competition produced. I know Umbro are really happy with the outcome, and I think they look pretty cool.… Continue reading Umbro Speciali Competition

Yes, it’s Drum Solo heaven

Somehow I’ve ended up getting into drum-offs tonight. There’s some great ones on YouTube but I found these crackers on the GuitarCenterTV channel. Check these guys out. So impressive!! Drum-Off ’07 Champion – Donnie Marple via YouTube Drum-Off ’08 Champion – Jerome Flood II via YouTube Drum-Off ’09 Champion – Ramon Sampson via YouTube Love… Continue reading Yes, it’s Drum Solo heaven