Where are the next round of classic TV Themes and Credits


I ended up playing the theme tune to an classic kids cartoon in the office today, and a few of us chatted about how we loved all the old TV themes and great intros.



On their official site i found this gem:

Benni Lees got in contact with PigeonStreet.com and gave us this information:

My real name is Marion and I wrote the music for Pigeon Street. I am a classically trained musician and in the seventies I had a rock band called Soulyard, in which I player the Bass. We had a sax player called Ruthie Smith who is now working as a psychotherapist, an American trumpeter called Jim Dvorak, a guitarist called Jonny Meringue (also American), a pianist called Laka Koc, a conga player called Linda Malone and a drummer called Nigel Watson. I live in Edinburgh and work as a pianist.

Now I am 53 years old with a fifteen year old son who is a singer and a daughter who plays the harp. They both loved pigeon street when they were little. My wish is for the world to be a peaceful place.

Obviously the media has changed dramatically in the past 20 years with the “End Credit Squeeze” now a regular part of a channels marketing weaponry.

I’ll leave Charlie Brooker to give you his view on the new end-device. Wonder what he makes of the theme to the new Knight Rider. “Shit” i hope.

This is from his excellent BBC Four show, Screenwipe.

Charlie Brooker – End Credit Squeeze


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