Awesomeness! HD Hero® camera from GoPro®

Great promo video for a video camera. Go fullscreen and play it in HD. Use it for Skiing & Snowboarding, Surfing & Swimming, Skateboarding, BMX & Freeride MTB, Motocross & Off-Road, Car Racing, Human Flight. Or mount it on a Dog. “I see no advertisement, only awesomeness” We’ve got one at glue and are playing… Continue reading Awesomeness! HD Hero® camera from GoPro®

Sky by Philip Bloom

I’m constantly amazed by the quality of footage you can get out of these cameras in the right conditions. This short was filmed in Dubai over 5 days and nights on the Canon 7D, 2×5DmkII and one Panasonic GF1. Sky from Philip Bloom on Vimeo. Music is “The Fountain” by Clint Mansell.

Nocturne. Low-light

This short film was shot in LA with available light on the new Canon 1D MK4 HDD-SLR camera. Not a single external light source was used / added. They used Canon and Carl Zeiss lenses and it was graded using Magic Bullet. Amazing. You can read more about it here. Updates, notes and answers… Continue reading Nocturne. Low-light