Here & There. Mapping A Horizonless Manhattan

London creative design consultants Schulze & Webb wanted to explore the best way to visually navigate through dense cities. What they came up with is now called “Here & There,” and it lets you simultaneously and seamlessly view a city from the point of view where your are standing and from a bird’s eye view… Continue reading Here & There. Mapping A Horizonless Manhattan

Cool Videos from Ubik

These are a bit nice! Ubik were asked to make a film for motionographers inaugural F5 festival. This is it. Voxel from Ubik on Vimeo. The music is ‘A Drifting Up’, which was reworked by Jon Hopkins from his new album ‘Insides’. They also made this short film for mtv worldwide to help raise… Continue reading Cool Videos from Ubik

Impressive Animations by David OReilly

I think I’m a bit late to the party here – but I just spotted this over at glue Motion. The official opening animation for the 2009 Pictoplasma Conference. When You’re Smiling… from David OReilly on Vimeo. I found this Future Shorts winner over on his Vimeo page. A troubled relationship between a Cat… Continue reading Impressive Animations by David OReilly

Nike Founder Gives Moviemaking A Try With ‘Coraline’

Coraline, directed by The Nightmare Before Christmas stop-motion master Henry Selick, is the first film to be released by Laika Entertainment, run by Nike co-founder and legendary marketing man Phil Knight. Knight, 70, a longtime film buff, seems to have an eye for edgier fare than the typical Disney fuzzy-talking-animals stories. Looks great via Brandfreak

Life According to Dinosaurs: Facebook I like this cartoon and there’s some really nice stuff on the site. Now there’s the blurb: Channel 4 have just launched a online channel for animation called 4mations. Backed by Channel 4, Aardman Animations and Lupus Films, this is just the start of the 4mations universe. There’s more about it… and a Flash… Continue reading Life According to Dinosaurs: Facebook

Classic TV moments of retro-futuristic logo animation.

As if to reinforce the my thoughts about the gradual decline of standout design in TV titling, this came around the office today off the back of a link the new Justice video, DNVO. Although they’re all from the USA (so not classic LWT themes) there’s Stephen J Cannell, Hannah-Barbera, Ubu Productions… and many other… Continue reading Classic TV moments of retro-futuristic logo animation.