Next Generation Talent

Panasonic’s Next Generation Talent competition asks UK students to put their creative skills to the test and produce a TV ad. It’s back for 2009 and I’ve been asked to get involved with the judging. However instead of me banging on about what I think; it’s clearly better to get some other opinions. So please… Continue reading Next Generation Talent

Web Advertising Hits Rock Bottom

I noticed this happening myself but hadn’t seen the entire evolution of the ad. Some viewers may find the following scenes upsetting: Online ads for the game Evony started out like this: Then they added a woman with a little boob showing: In case people weren’t noticing the cleavage, the ad evolved into one where… Continue reading Web Advertising Hits Rock Bottom

TV commercial reminding advertisers to make TV commercials

Saw this on the TV last night. Few classic lines in here. YouTube link. Blurb about who it’s for: Thinkbox, the television marketing body for the main UK commercial television broadcasters, has launched its first ever TV advertising campaign, to remind advertisers of the unrivalled power, value and effectiveness of TV advertising and to encourage… Continue reading TV commercial reminding advertisers to make TV commercials