Radio1 Inspiration Session

I recently did a lunchtime session with the lovely people at Radio 1. Here’s the highlights: CAMPAIGNS / IDEAS Fred Pretty: The Hidden Concert SeriesMishmash of tech on display here. Somehow it all comes together beautifully. Nike: Take MokumAnother nice combination of Facebook and real world events. Mini MapsSmart use of Google Maps and Facebook.… Continue reading Radio1 Inspiration Session

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. “Social Stew” BBC Marketing (online) discuss their social media strategy for Series 2 of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. Series 2 of the brilliant BAFTA award-winning comedy started on BBC2 this week. You can’t embed the show itself – the clip above is a part of the extra content on the site. It’s also got Kevin Eldon… Continue reading Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. “Social Stew”