Music everywhere you go. Muxmaster is your mobile jukebox.


Muxmaster is a wicked desktop app built with Adobe AIR that lets you stream music from, and explore different mixes to find new music.

All my iTunes music is on an external HD which I often can’t be bothered carting about so this app is great if I’m travelling or streaming music around the house at the weekend.

We’re developing 2 AIR apps at glue at the moment and it’s clear that it’s sexy interfaces you can create and the cross-platform nature is really giving the desktop app / widget market a good kicking… but this is one of the best out there.

Have a look:

For streaming I use AirTunes and Airfoil.

Where are the next round of classic TV Themes and Credits


I ended up playing the theme tune to an classic kids cartoon in the office today, and a few of us chatted about how we loved all the old TV themes and great intros.



On their official site i found this gem:

Benni Lees got in contact with and gave us this information:

My real name is Marion and I wrote the music for Pigeon Street. I am a classically trained musician and in the seventies I had a rock band called Soulyard, in which I player the Bass. We had a sax player called Ruthie Smith who is now working as a psychotherapist, an American trumpeter called Jim Dvorak, a guitarist called Jonny Meringue (also American), a pianist called Laka Koc, a conga player called Linda Malone and a drummer called Nigel Watson. I live in Edinburgh and work as a pianist.

Now I am 53 years old with a fifteen year old son who is a singer and a daughter who plays the harp. They both loved pigeon street when they were little. My wish is for the world to be a peaceful place.

Obviously the media has changed dramatically in the past 20 years with the “End Credit Squeeze” now a regular part of a channels marketing weaponry.

I’ll leave Charlie Brooker to give you his view on the new end-device. Wonder what he makes of the theme to the new Knight Rider. “Shit” i hope.

This is from his excellent BBC Four show, Screenwipe.

Charlie Brooker – End Credit Squeeze


Classic TV Links


Spitzer, something a little tasty for 2008


Spitzer consists of a couple young men raised in the same house in Lyon, France. These brothers have one goal: Make you dance. Currently, the duo is working on a four song EP called Roller Coaster and if the four tracks on their myspace page are any indication of what we’re in for, we’re in for some big, bright and bold dancefloor action.

Listen to Disco Biscuits:

Official site:

Identity by:


Beautiful computer generated art from Flight404

Solar, with lyrics. from flight404 on Vimeo.

Expect to seem something similar on TV soon, probably a BMW ad.

It was created using Processing, an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. Set the player to Fullscreen mode and enjoy.


Radiohead, using technology cleverly again.

First up happy new year, hope that Xmas and New Year were good to you. I’ll try and get a decent amount of posts up here, but have already found myself using my Tumblr account loads more. I’m trying to find some way of integrating them but you can take a look here.

I came across this great Widget from Radiohead to promote their new album. Get the 2CD version of this album if you haven’t already for it.

Peter Bjorn & John. That annoying whistling song, gets total makeover

You’ve probably heard this track all summer getting caned by Radio 1, XFM, Captial, etc… but keep an eye out for the re-release. It’s got a ‘cool as’ remix by OrtzRoka.

Listen to Young Folks (OrtzRoka Remix):
[audio:YoungFolks_OrtzRoka Remix.mp3]

Excellent stuff. You can check out there website at