Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars 2008

This is part of “Snig and Oopla’s Hyperspace Hoopla” during Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As an added bonus it’s an 80’s music special. The video’s pretty odd anyway… then at 2m55secs Darth Vader appears through the sliding doors and absolutely nails the show. At the end he tops it off with a… Continue reading Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars 2008

Normal service has been resumed

I had my bag nicked from the pub recently and i’m only just getting life back to normal. Oyster card, house keys, motorbike keys, sunglasses, glasses, jacket… and my laptop. One Downside = no site updates One Upside = Euro2008 on the box most evenings

Mapping your digital life online.

There’s an interesting debate developing about how we manage our digital self. With the increase in social sites; think Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Last.FM, Delicious, etc… your social map is probably growing faster than you think. It raises interesting questions about privacy and who owns your data. Do you really want all your data aggregated by… Continue reading Mapping your digital life online.

Where are the next round of classic TV Themes and Credits

I ended up playing the theme tune to an classic kids cartoon in the office today, and a few of us chatted about how we loved all the old TV themes and great intros. Listen: [audio:Pigeon_Street_Theme.mp3] On their official site i found this gem: Benni Lees got in contact with and gave us this… Continue reading Where are the next round of classic TV Themes and Credits

Hello world

So i’ve finally got my own blog. The plan is to keep this site a kinda scrap book, and i’ll be filling it up with good creative and design, digital ideas, and other stuff… but we’ll see how that works out.