How to win friends and influence people… on YouTube

Check out some of the comments on this vid. i fucking LOVE them!! haha

eurofyter3 (13 minutes ago)
lol iraq

MrSandman526 (50 minutes ago)
honestly….. this sucks

hvissotz (3 weeks ago)
epic fail.

icecreamdaddy (3 weeks ago)
ok.. that sucked ass!

casperzgfp (3 weeks ago)
im not being funny but this is the worst video ive ever seen. seriously

LegendaryAdrenaline (3 weeks ago)
you’re an idiot.

S4irus (3 weeks ago)
what is this shit?

pitzer (3 weeks ago)
what a retard

Gary Coleman with editing designed to confuse, courtesy of TV Carnage

TV Carnage sells dvds created from hundreds of hours of exceptionally bad TV, lovingly fused together. I have no idea what’s real and what’s not in this video and i love it.

See more clips:

16-year old Corey Delaney out manoeuvres journalists who try to ridicule him on TV.

Asked by TV channel how the party started he laughed ‘I can’t remember, I was off my head,” prompting Daily Telegraph columnist Andrew Ramadge to dub him a ‘genius’. “Corey Delaney’s talent for showing up interviewers trying to trade on his vilification, while still looking like an extra from Clueless, has made him a pin-up for a generation of young Australians suspicious of the media and clued-in to the ways of modern marketing,” he enthused.

“In the past week, this seemingly brain-dead 16-year-old has left seasoned media personalities looking like bigger twits than himself by refusing to flinch during on-screen interrogations and out-manoeuvring the questions of interviewer.

Details of his party antics: