Orange Balloonacy – The Great Internet Balloon Race

Noticed a little animal bouncing and some funny clouds? Don’t panic – I’ve signed this site up to be part of Balloonacy 2010. It’s a great little game by Poke for Orange. Tom who sits opposite me won last year, and got a trip for 8 people to Ibiza. Sounds good eh. Add your site,… Continue reading Orange Balloonacy – The Great Internet Balloon Race

Augmented Reality Tech Demos

A lot of people think AR is dead and a bit of a dirty word, but there’s some interesting stuff appearing again. Jekyll and Hyde Augmented Reality Book Scrawl™ 3D iPhone drawing using multi-touch. 3D Drawing in Augmented Reality from String on Vimeo. Add in untapped areas like mixed reality, outdoor experiences, events, and gaming;… Continue reading Augmented Reality Tech Demos