WoW: The Red Shirt Guy

Best question at the Blizzard World of Warcraft: Quests and Lore Q&A What A Boss!! And if you’re wondering what they’re talking about. Here’s the game. Wait for Leroy!! Total Views: 20,619,833

Half Life – Gman

Half Life 2 came with some mod tools that let you play with the in-game assets, like character models, environment, etc. Some mad dude opened up the mod tools, loaded stuff in from the libraries, and then mucked about with it. Enjoy… The Idiots of Garry’s Mod I know no idea there was a whole… Continue reading Half Life – Gman

Virtual Cats LULZ

We’ve been pissing ourselves at work today looking at some of these. Don’t ask. Virtual Tortoiseshell or Calico Pussycat Kitty Litter Physics Animation

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Awesomeness! HD Hero® camera from GoPro®

Great promo video for a video camera. Go fullscreen and play it in HD. Use it for Skiing & Snowboarding, Surfing & Swimming, Skateboarding, BMX & Freeride MTB, Motocross & Off-Road, Car Racing, Human Flight. Or mount it on a Dog. “I see no advertisement, only awesomeness” We’ve got one at glue and are playing… Continue reading Awesomeness! HD Hero® camera from GoPro®

Star Wars ad for Currys & PC World Megastores – The Dark Side of Advertising

This Star Wars ad for ‘Currys & PC World Megastores’ broke last night during the X-Factor. Created by M&C Saatchi for the Dixons group. It’s gorgeously shot and clearly it’s been created with fanboy love and attention to detail. They even got David Bailey to shoot the posters too. But I hate it. These were… Continue reading Star Wars ad for Currys & PC World Megastores – The Dark Side of Advertising