The Week Everything Went INSTANT

Google Instant went live last week. By the time I got in the office on Monday people had made all these: 1- YouTube Instant 2- iTunes Instant 3- Google Maps Instant 4- Google Instant Images But is it good for us: Google Instant is trying to Kill Me, by Charlie… Continue reading The Week Everything Went INSTANT

My Current Favourites

The Creators Project – Intel partner with Vice Magazine. There’s just so much good content here!! Love it. Draw and Fold Over – A lovely social drawing site. Choose your pen and take it in turns to draw. In association with ‘The Big Draw’ which takes place throughout October, offering drawing events for… Continue reading My Current Favourites

ASDA Shopping Smartness

More shopping smartness, this time from ASDA. Their new Price Guarantee lets you compare the price of your shop against the other supermarkets. Enter 6 set of numbers from your receipt and the system does the rest. If it’s cheaper elsewhere ASDA refund the difference. It’s being supported by a nationwide ad campaign showing those… Continue reading ASDA Shopping Smartness

‘The Wizard of Speed and Time’ by Mike Jittlov

Every single person in the world needs to see this 1979 short by Mike Jittlov. Remember there’s no trick printing, no CGI, and no complex mechanical effects. Try and figure out how it’s all done. I’m bamboozled. It you want to see more then the films is on YouTube. Here’s the trailer: And this user… Continue reading ‘The Wizard of Speed and Time’ by Mike Jittlov

Amazing. The New Order Singles Project

These guys weren’t impressed with the remastered New Order collections put out by the label, so they collected and cleaned up every one of the Factory singles and the the artwork themselves. Here’s the lowdown: In the fall of 2008 London Records/Warner Brothers finally released “remastered” versions of New Order’s ground-breaking 80’s albums recorded for… Continue reading Amazing. The New Order Singles Project