The New PUMA Fuseproject – Packaging as Branding Really nice work by Yves Behar for Puma to reduce packaging waste. “Rethinking the shoebox is an incredibly complex problem, and the cost of cardboard and the printing waste are huge, given that 80M are shipped from China each year,” Béhar tells “Cargo holds in the ships can reach temperatures of 110 degrees… Continue reading The New PUMA Fuseproject – Packaging as Branding

Curious Displays Curious Displays from Julia Tsao on Vimeo. Really interesting concept video by Julia Yu Tsao. Loads more information about it on the project website here:

Red Bull Stratos Project via Red Bull are at it again. How do you top something like the Project X: Shaun White’s Secret Halfpipe. You drop a man from the stratosphere in a pressurised suit. Obviously. Blurb below: “The Red Bull Stratos science team has unveiled the first space suit ever to be produced by David Clark… Continue reading Red Bull Stratos Project

IBM Color Sensitive Interactive Billboard Color Sensitive Interactive Billboard from milton cj on Vimeo. I heard Adam Greenfield of Do projects talk at The Future of Advertising a few weeks back. (He’s worth checking out if you get chance). One of the things he’s interested in is how advertising impacts the urban environment. And advertising as something that can… Continue reading IBM Color Sensitive Interactive Billboard