Hey, I’m Using The Cloud

I don’t know exactly when it happened but it’s just dawned on me. I’m sat here doing a bit of work using Google Docs, working/sharing files with Dropbox. I’ve started using the Cloud.

I don’t use Docs for work yet, but for personal stuff it’s great.

I all over it for Docs and Spreadsheets but avoid the Powerpoint / Keynote side – its not feature rich enough yet.



Dropbox has become an installation essential for me. Bascially it’s what .Mac should have been. The big difference is that you get a folder on your local drive which is kept in sync with the cloud – meaning you have online/offline access to all the files.

It can also ACTUALLY handle large files (which .Mac is absolutely shambolic at), it gives you progress feedback, and doesn’t cause your machine to freeze up. Love it.


There’s also a web interface too which is dead easy to use.


Here’s a little demo of the Dropbox in action.

To make sure I can access stuff on the move I’ve got a shortcut to Google Docs Mobile and the Dropbox app on my iPhone. It’s made life a lot simpler!!



If you’ve not tried them yet – challenge yourself at the start of 2010. A clean break. A line in the sand. A fresh start.

I’ve run out of metaphors….

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