Videos About Work & Relationships. It’s TED. You know they’re good.

Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off Every seven years, designer Stefan Sagmeister closes his New York studio for a yearlong sabbatical to rejuvenate and refresh their creative outlook. He explains the often overlooked value of time off and shows the innovative projects inspired by his time in Bali. Stefana Broadbent: How the Internet… Continue reading Videos About Work & Relationships. It’s TED. You know they’re good.

Nike Trainer. Sculpture by Gabriel Dishaw

Sculptural assemblage constructed from discarded materials, as glass, scrap metal, plastic, and wood. Gabriel Dishaw specializes in high end junk sculptures ranging from as small as a figurine to larger than six feet tall. With experience as early as mid 1990’s, Gabriel has designed and created many Junk Sculptures.

Advertising trends explained… via Toshiba and Grey London

Toshiba Space Chair Project by Grey London YouTube link. Escape Vehicle no.6 (chair in space), Simon Faithfull, 2004, 4min extract YouTube link. Looks like it all kicked off on the “Making Of..” page – then this appeared: Toshibas new Space Chair ad was inspired by a sub culture of scientists and artists who send objects… Continue reading Advertising trends explained… via Toshiba and Grey London

flight404 at Decode / V&A

Robert Hodgin aka flight404 posted this video of an app he’s working on for the Decode event at London’s V&A. He’s reworking his older Solar piece so that it’s audio responsive in real-time. This is unbelievably good. Visually and sonically. REWORK Solar rework from flight404 on Vimeo. I have been working on a real-time… Continue reading flight404 at Decode / V&A

A Couple Of Thoughts From Twitter

Now and again you read something that perfectly sums up the jumble of thoughts in your head. I think these 2 are spot on. Faris I’ve cracked it! do stuff people like! then people will like you more and maybe buy some of your stuff. if it’s good stuff. James Cooper Spend money on doing… Continue reading A Couple Of Thoughts From Twitter

The Black Forest The Black Forest Trailer from Pixelate on Vimeo. The Black Forest is a series of tiny, experimental games with the first season of four episodes to be released online this December, one episode per week. Each game plays differently and there are no tutorials. The makers wanted to create emotional experiences that are more… Continue reading The Black Forest