The New

I’m really into the new Umbro site.

They’ve embraced all the right tools out there at the moment (Blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, eBay and Twitter) and have really pulled off a great experience.

Straight away the brand feels fresher and more relevant.


All strategy, creative ideas, concept development is by Anomaly, who worked with Rokkan on the main framework. The England work is by Perfect Fools, and the Speciali customisation is by my friends over at Enjoy This.

Here’s my Kinseltown FC boot made with the Speciali customisation.

Kinseltown FC.png

Talking to Justin and Fraser I know they got this bit out in about 2 weeks which is an amazing effort. (And not one they want to repeat haha).

Siteinspire also caught up with Paul Graham of the creative agency, Anomaly London to find out more about the fantastic new website for sports brand, Umbro. Read the interview.

Agency info via FormFiftyFive.

Top marks all round.

New site design in full:


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