Greenpeace Black Pixel

What if we turned off a little square in the monitor. How much energy would we save? Install a black pixel and rollover for the total amounts of watts saved. Nice campaign from Greenpeace.


Mapumental is a collaboration between MySociety and 4iP that makes use of all the nation’s bus, train, tram, tube and boat timetables and turns them into a service that’s vastly more powerful than the traditional journey planners. YouTube link. It’s currently in Beta, but you can sign-up for an invite. via Everythingisbrilliant

Star Wars Weekends

Brilliant! Where do I sign up? MC Hammer YouTube link. Backstreet Boys YouTube link. Who knew Darth Vader was such a mover. Although I’ve just realised I’ve got a bit of a thing about this. Haha. Here’s the full 2009 Dance Off With The Star Wars Stars. BTW – Vader always wins.

Interactive Window Display

This installation includes tracking devices and low-resolution LED displays which is capable of showing different visualisations based on the presence and movement of people. La Vitrine – Montreal from steven bulhoes on Vimeo. Moment Factory developed the interactive system and content. Photonic Dreams created the LED video wall.