The Lowdown on Tron Legacy

Here’s more on the viral stunt: Buzz for the effort started several days before the convention, when sites like “mysteriously received two tokens for Flynn’s Arcade,” a key location from the original ’80s sci-fi classic starring Jeff Bridges. … Hopefully this smart, inclusive delivery will get through to people who still think “viral marketing” means inventing a lame catchphrase or lamer fake Web site and pummeling the Internet with it. (via Ad-Age ) And here’s what was behind Flynn’s Arcade.

Christopher Walken Impressions

Asians doing Christopher Walken impressions on Comedy Central. Obviously. 3rd guy nails it. Last one is worse than mine. YouTube link. One more then. Kevin Pollock doing Christopher Walken doing “The Aristocrats“ YouTube link. What a complete dude. Ok just one more impression because it’s pretty good. Matt Damon doing Matthew McConaughey YouTube link.

Code Is Cool. A Linux interface for Spotify

I like this. It takes me back to my days of messing around with DR-DOS and MS-DOS. These guys are in a different league though. What you’re actually seeing is despotify, an open source Spotify client and gateway to their service. The client features a text based user interface as a proof of concept of… Continue reading Code Is Cool. A Linux interface for Spotify

Web Advertising Hits Rock Bottom

I noticed this happening myself but hadn’t seen the entire evolution of the ad. Some viewers may find the following scenes upsetting: Online ads for the game Evony started out like this: Then they added a woman with a little boob showing: In case people weren’t noticing the cleavage, the ad evolved into one where… Continue reading Web Advertising Hits Rock Bottom