What’s In The Box?

Right – stand by for this.

This film was made by Dutch student (yeah another one) Tim Smit on a unbelievable budget of $150.

He shot the footage in his local village then used After Effects and 3D Studio Max to create the look.

Apparently the Hollywood studios are sniffing around already.

YouTube link.

‘What’s In The Box’ also has an official site with a puzzle you need to crack to get in.


YouTube link.


They’ve also created a website for the mysterious Babel Industries. which showcases some of the technology seen in the film, such as the Involentary Stomach Discharger (ISD).

Because the story (so far) seems to connect with gamers who love Half-Life there’s a lot of buzz being generated.

I’m expecting to hear a lot more about this.

Fantastic work.

I spotted the video on Harry Northover’s site. This fella could be a star of the future based on the work he’s doing. And he’s only just sitting his GCSEs. Scary.

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