Cool Augmented Reality Game

Augmented Reality has quickly become the current hip thing.

Until last week this virtual Drum Kit was probably the best use of the technology.
Augmented Reality Drum Kit (demo #1) from squidder on Vimeo.

Then I came across this.

This is levelHead, an augmented reality spatial-memory game.
levelHead v1.0, 3 cube speed-run (spoiler!) from Julian Oliver on Vimeo.

Really nice.

The White House – Open For Questions

The White House has launched a new web site where anyone can submit and vote up their most important questions for President Obama.

Activity on the site will culminate in Obama addressing the top questions on Thursday, March 26.

The site is powered by Google Moderator and the usability closely follows the social voting on Digg.

It’s perception that’s important here.

I’ve taken part if a few Downing Street E-Petitions but the tone still feels like “Us Against Them”. And the result is the Government usually tells you politely to “get stuffed”. And that they were right all along.

Only time will tell how Obama chooses to use this platform.

Stewart Lee

I watched Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle last week. At the end of the show I decided to take a look at the extras “On the Red Button”.

Usually this stuff is drawn out behind-the-scenes rubbish. This is brilliant.

After each episode of Comedy Vehicle, Stewart is called to account by the show’s Executive Producer Armando Iannucci.

Deadpan conversational comedy from two guys at the top of their game. Nice to see this extra content made available for fans.

Good work BBC.

Honda Internavi Realization

Sleek new website from Honda Japan that visualises the data from INTERNAVI. Honda’s in-car navigation system.

Take a look at Drive Lapse in fullscreen mode.

I’ve got the screensaver installed.


Shiny Mass Marketing

I started reading Chris Brogans blog after I heard him speak at a conference in Brighton last year.

Here’s another gem that makes you stop and think.


McDonalds is pretty darned smart. You might have your reasons for not liking them. You might feel they’re antithetical to all you hold pure and dear. It doesn’t make them any less smart.

They are master marketers. They are business efficiency professionals. They are experience managers. They are savvy business people.

Instead of worrying about instore sales growth, they acquired several other brands that you barely even think about. Instead of worrying about what we say is important to us, nutrition-wise, they provide the few nutritious things we pretend to order while serving up the food we really want when we seek rapid delivery.

Their McCafe line might not be crushing it yet, but they have a horse in the race. Parents who bring their children to McDonalds aren’t making two window stops as often now. It’s another way to sell us into something we could use, quickly, affordably, and handily.

There is a very low personalization requirement at McDonalds. When we choose to eat there, we forego the cafe-shaped world and enter into the rapid delivery world, the “known” world. We know what we’ll get when we come there.

For every time I tell you that social media and customized personalization and cafe-shaped conversations are the way to go, remember that McDonalds continues to thrive, and that McDonalds is mass marketing at its shiniest, and that they are making billions and billions without even caring a lick about what I say the future will be.

Just for transparency, McDonalds used to be one of my accounts at Glue.

Here’s me at a shoot expressing my disappointment and despair at their marketing policies.. to the Head Honcho.


(I’m in jeans btw, not the running vest or the yellow and red suit)

Tell Your Digital Abusers To Back Off!




Call out your abusers with these cards from That’s Not Cool.

Choose the one you want to download, email, or post to Facebook or Myspace.

There’s cards for:

– Textual harassment

– Privacy problems

– Picture pressure

– Constant instant messaging

– Mobile phone trouble

– Rumour spreading