Bigtrak. Hunting The Toys Of My Youth!


God I used to LOVE this!!!

BIG TRAK was a programmable electric vehicle created by Milton Bradley in 1979. It was a six-wheeled tank with a front-mounted blue photon beam headlamp, and a keypad on top.

Big Trak could remember up to 16 commands which it then executed in sequence (such as “go forward 5 lengths”, “pause”, “turn 30 degrees right”, “fire phaser” and so on. Cool at the time.

I was the odd one out at school because i went for Total Control Racing (TCR) not Scalextric. Rebel eh.

Nike and Coke release iPhone apps

The big boys are coming to mobile, we all know that, and it seems people are happy using ‘branded’ apps as long as they’re kinda useful.

Coke go for their take on Spin The Bottle. It’s OK. Not something you can imagine using that often. Maybe one for the “yoofs”.

Nike offers a bit more. Training Club lets you login to your Nike Women account. There’s also links to your workout plan via YouTube.

Both are nicely designed, but Nike pips it for me.

Nike app developed by R/GA





Coke app developed by Sapient





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The Heist. Coca-Cola’s megabucks ad from the Superbowl

Gorgeous stuff.

Here’s the team

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA

Creative Directors: Hal Curtis, Sheena Brady

Art Directors: James Moslander, Lee Jennings

Copywriter: Marc D’Avignon

Senior Agency Producer: Matt Hunnicutt

Associate Agency Producer: Juliana Montgomery

Director: Psyop

Psyop Creative Directors: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick

Production Company: Psyop, Los Angeles

Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh

Live Action Producer: Michael Schlenker

VFX Producer: Tina Chiang

Post-Production Coordinator: Thomas Knight

Editor: Brett Nicoletti

Storyboard Artist: Josh Wiesenfeld

VFX Supervisor/CG Lead: Andrew Romatz

VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame Artist: Thibault Debaveye

2D Desktop Supervisor: Lane Jolly

Animation Lead: John Velazquez

Lighting Lead/Look Development TD: Mike Dalzell

Fluid Simulation: Scanline VFX

Pre-Visualization: Mike Makara , Todd Constantine, Sarah Bocket, John Cherniack, Jan Bitzer

Senior Animator: Yvain Gnabro

Animators: Alejandro Castro, Joon Lee, Frantz Vidal, Maxime Devanlay, Zee Myers

FX: Jan Bitzer, Kiel Gnebba,

Flame Artists: Alex Kolasinski, Sarah Eim

Compositors: Jared Sandrew, Michael Dobbs, Miguel Bautista

Senior Lighter: Kyle Cassidy

Lighter/Look Development: Katie Yoon, Wendy Klein

Lighters: Ian Ruhfass, Barry Kriegshauser

Modelers: Clay Osmus, Andy Kim

Modeling/Generalist: Bryan Repka

Rigger/Generalist: Petrik Watson

Riggers: Sean Comer, James Parks, David Bosker

Roto/Paint Artists: Krystal Chinn, Austin Brown, Scott Baxter

Music/Sound Design: Stimmung

Arranger: Robert Miller

Song: Peter and the Wolf

Music Executive Producer: Kelly Fuller

Sound Design: Gus Koven

Mix: Lime

Mixer: Loren Silbur

Assistant Mixer: Lindsey Alvarez

Mix producer: Jessica Locke

Bust Out Your Rave Tapes. The Saviour Has Arrived


I was talking to a mate a while back about throwing out all my old tapes. This might’ve changed my mind.

The Alesis TapeLink USB is a dual-well cassette deck designed to digitally archive audio. The device allows users to transfer cassette recordings onto a hard disk, flash memory, CD or iPod.

Connection to a computer is provided via USB, with support for 16-bit, 44.1 kHz CD-quality recordings. Two different dubbing modes support either normal or high-speed dubbing. The deck also features full auto-stop capability to keep irreplacable old tapes from breaking. It works with metal or CrO2 tapes and features on-board LEDs for visual reference to sound levels.

The device comes bundled with three different apps to assist in archiving: SoundSoap Standalone Edition (SE) for reduction of background noises such as room noise and electrical hum; Audacity, a lean, clean, excellent piece of audio-editing software; and EZ Tape Converter to assist with transfers.

TapeLink USB is compatible with Mac OS X and carries an estimated street price of £140.

Why hasn’t anyone done this before?

Reach for the lasers, safe.

Songsmith enter the YouTube Piss-Take Arena

Ok, if you’ve not read this post have a look through it. But what’s happening has to be seen to be believed.

A few intrepid YouTubers are stripping the vocal tracks out of well known songs and feeding them into Songsmith.

The resulting music is bad, but in a purposeful, ironic way. Adding another jarring layer, they then sync these musical amalgamations with the original song’s music video.

The Police “Roxane”

Radiohead “Creep”

Survivor “Eye of the Tiger”

Billy Idol “White Wedding”

I can’t embed this video because of copyright content claim by Universal Music Group but check out Nirvana – In Bloom (Microsoft Songsmith Remix). It’s really something else altogether.

The hits just keep coming!

I still love YouTube Shreds though…

What do you think? Any more good ones?