Stickers of Adobe Photoshop’s interface panels were pasted onto Britney Spears, Leona Lewis and Christina Aguilera poster in Berlin. Simple and effective, love it. via Scary Ideas

A Film Crew, and Radio 1 Xtra Come To Visit

As part of the Radio 1 and 1Xtra challenge Trevor Nelson and his crew dropped into glue recently to check out his alternative career as a “coding genius”. Rob gave them a sneak peak at how we created our latest campaign for Bacardi. (Click the pic – opens in new a window) It’s called… Continue reading A Film Crew, and Radio 1 Xtra Come To Visit

Compare The Meerkat

Here’s a car insurance ad that actually made me laugh out loud. I’d love to see the strategy doc for this. Anyway.. talking animals with funny accents and catchphrases rock. “Simples” While we’re at it… who remembers this beauty? Me and lads back home used to bust this line out at some of the discothèques… Continue reading Compare The Meerkat

Wackiness And Weirdness So Far…

Aviva We’re in a housing market crash, economic downturn, recession, whatever you call it. So how does Norwich Union tell people they’re rebranding? Spunk a load of cash on celebrities who changed their name to “make it”. So what are they saying, that they’ve rebranded to Aviva to become famous, take over the world and… Continue reading Wackiness And Weirdness So Far…

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