Nike Founder Gives Moviemaking A Try With ‘Coraline’

Coraline, directed by The Nightmare Before Christmas stop-motion master Henry Selick, is the first film to be released by Laika Entertainment, run by Nike co-founder and legendary marketing man Phil Knight. Knight, 70, a longtime film buff, seems to have an eye for edgier fare than the typical Disney fuzzy-talking-animals stories. Looks great via Brandfreak

Obama. A New Media inauguration?

The soon-to-be 44th president of the United States, who addresses citizens via YouTube (here and here) and Twitter, is also a Mac user who has been spotted flashing an iPhone, keeps up with his family via iChat, whose “O” logo was designed on a Mac and whose campaign was powered by MacBooks. Obama has said… Continue reading Obama. A New Media inauguration?

Fifty People, One Question

I’ve was watching a few short films last night, but these from Crush + Lovely really grabbed my attention. The idea is simple. Go to a place. Ask fifty people the same question. Film their responses. New Orleans Fifty People, One Question: New Orleans from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo. Brooklyn Fifty People, One… Continue reading Fifty People, One Question

Microsoft Gets Into Mobile Tagging

At CES Microsoft introduced Microsoft Tag, a system that enables users to instantly access mobile content,, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, etc. simply by pointing the device’s camera to a custom tag. If this makes you think of QR codes, you’re not the only one. Like QR codes, Microsoft Tags are unique… Continue reading Microsoft Gets Into Mobile Tagging

Loading 99% – The Fine Art of the Pre-Loader

You’ve got quite a bit of “stuff” you need to load. You wanna keep people entertained and on the site, but it’s gotta have a light file size. Welcome to the world of the pre-loader. The guys over at Big Spaceship have started up Pretty Loaded, a museum dedicated to pre-loaders. There’s a Twitter account… Continue reading Loading 99% – The Fine Art of the Pre-Loader