Play Small

Really good post from Ben Terret about the idea of Play Small. Spot on.

One thing that really brings home Play Small to me is iPhone web pages.

Most people would assume that a mobile web page is a compromise. Not as good or as rich as the main page. The thing is, more and more I’m finding I like the mobile pages better than the main pages.

Stripped of all superfluous content and navigation, devoid of over elobarate graphics, they’re like raw ‘what I came here for’ in one handy pocket sized rectangle.


I now find myself opting for the small version even when the full sized is next to me on the laptop. I prefer the BBC News small. I prefer Typepad small. Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Financial Times, Telegraph – I prefer them all small.


These aren’t iPhone apps. These are web pages designed for the iPhone.

Dopplr is pretty much the only site where the big version works just as well on the small screen, I’d even say it was better than the mobile version. Dopplr is very well designed and it’s also constructed around a very strict grid and I suspect this is why it works so well small.


The full Dopplr site is on the left, the mobile Dopplr site is on the right.

It’s a design truth that it’s better to design something with restrictions. And it maybe that size is just another restriction, but I think it’s more than that. Just like Wil’s sketches feel light and quick, so do iPhone web pages. Partly because they are quicker (quicker to load etc) but partly because they’re demanding less of my attention. I can get to where I want to go much, much quicker.

Make no mistake, we’re currently leaving the era of Baroque brands and moving into a new period of austerity in communication. And as we move towards Depression 2.0 maybe Play Small will become a vital tool for all designers across all forms of media.

Read the full article at Noisy Decent Graphics


What ever happened to .mobi?

Designing with social media in mind

Kleber, in collaboration with Universal Everything, have launched a new site for the Manhattan Loft Corporation using Google Maps as the foundation.

Layering a clean design on top of the data available from Google means visitors have access to information on nearby restaurants, shops and places of interest… and photos of the area.



Take a look for yourself:
Fitzrovia Apartments

It’s an example of how agencies are beginning to blend together the different layers of the static web and the social web.

The social web is at the root of what been coined the “Live Web“.

The Live Web isn’t just built, it grows, adapts and changes. It’s an environment where we text and post and author and update and tweet and syndicate and subscribe and notify and feed.

For more about changing nature of the web check out the excellent Social Web Design.

Guiness “Spoken Word” from Shilo


This elegant and poetic piece, directed by Shilo, mixes an amazing performance by international spoken word artist Ainsley Burrows, with flowing, metaphorical cg elements and a cinematic live action location.

Working with Saatchi & Saatchi London, Shilo has crafted some impressively integrated moments that add a nice visual spin to accompany Burrow’s voice.

It’s breath of fresh air to have spoken word drive the audio and create the tone vs. the typical monotone voiceovers that we hear soo much today in TV spots.

via Motionographer

Moodstream from Getty


Getty Images came in to show us some new products last week. One of them is a mashup called Moodstream, which is designed as a visual brainstorming tool.

Moodstream adjusts its visual and audio output based on settings the user sets up. Users can also create and save a moodboard to refer back to when beginning a project.

If you’re in an emergency pitch-type moodboard scenario there’s also Catalyst. Enter one keyword… and select the best match.

AMERICA: The Gift Shop

Photographer Phillip Toledano presents ‘America the Gift Shop’, a series of alternative products on the premis the American Foriegn Policy had a gift shop.

‘We buy souvenirs at the end of a trip to remind ourselves of the experience. What do we have to remind us of the events of the last 8 years?’.

I Was Rendered


Abu Gharib Coffee Table


Choc and Awe

Picture 4.png

via It’s Nice That

TR2N: Updating an icon


A teaser for Tron 2 (known as TR2N) was shown at ComicCon this year.

John Lasseter (Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios) was a fan of the original and brought in the scriptwriters behind LOST, and Joseph Kosinski as Director.

Kosinski has yet to direct a full-length feature film but has created some award-winning commercials for Saab, Nike and X-Box.

To get some sense of the visual look that Joseph may bring to “TR2N,” check out this YouTube video of his stunning animated architectural renderings.

However to convince Disney that his vision was commercially viable, Kosinski spent six months with the wizards at Digital Domain.

Together they created the three-minute-long sequence shown at Comic Con as a teaser trailer.

Here’s the dodgy leaked footage, but listen to the crowd!!

I’ve watched it a few times and can’t wait to see more.

Take a look at the leaked VFX work and updated Lightcycles… and below is the original from Tron (1981).



If you’re into your Visual Effects, check out the Behind the Scenes section on Digital Domain.