Is Twitter about to go mainstream?


Twitter has been through some tough times recently.

It’s had a senior management change, issues with scalability and infrastructure, and companies like Friendfeed have been quick to innovate and are hot on their heels.

But could all that be about to change??

A few brands have dabbled with Twitter; but the mighty pop-celeb-car-crash that is Britney Spears has launched an official profile as part of her site/career relaunch.

Her team must be behind the thinking and, if they get it right, the PR and marketing benefits to Britney and her label are clear.

Potential pros:
counter bad PR quickly, DM model of driving sales, 2-way realtime conversations, etc, and Brit just has to drop in sometimes to tell you something “insightful”.

Potential cons:
Pseudo press releases, management only approved updates, just another PR exercise.

So… will more bands and celebrities follow suit catapulting Twitter into realms of Facebook and MySpace.

Britney joins Twitter and BOOM!

The tech-nerds who fight it out to for the title “most followed” must be running scared.


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As part of the Britney relaunch she’s gone all 2.0. The website is only part of the strategy, she’s launched a YouTube channel and social network.

(Thanks – Linda)

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