TR2N: Updating an icon


A teaser for Tron 2 (known as TR2N) was shown at ComicCon this year.

John Lasseter (Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios) was a fan of the original and brought in the scriptwriters behind LOST, and Joseph Kosinski as Director.

Kosinski has yet to direct a full-length feature film but has created some award-winning commercials for Saab, Nike and X-Box.

To get some sense of the visual look that Joseph may bring to “TR2N,” check out this YouTube video of his stunning animated architectural renderings.

However to convince Disney that his vision was commercially viable, Kosinski spent six months with the wizards at Digital Domain.

Together they created the three-minute-long sequence shown at Comic Con as a teaser trailer.

Here’s the dodgy leaked footage, but listen to the crowd!!

I’ve watched it a few times and can’t wait to see more.

Take a look at the leaked VFX work and updated Lightcycles… and below is the original from Tron (1981).



If you’re into your Visual Effects, check out the Behind the Scenes section on Digital Domain.

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One thought on “TR2N: Updating an icon”

  1. I think it still needs more of an individual style reflecting the original, looks too reflective of current 3d styles, maybe a bit too ‘out of the box’ renderwise..


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