Musical treats while I’m away

I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks and am in the careful process of choosing the right music for the break. Essential stuff you know.

However being the caring sharing type I wanted to point you in the direction of a couple of stonking mixes you need to get for your collection.

It’s got nothing to do with the fact I know the guys behind them both. Honest.



The Cosmonauts – Voyage Uno

Free download

1. Cosmonauts – On Planet Woonsen (Senip)
2. Secret Stealth – Stealth 1 (Bear Funk)
3. Reverso 68 – Take Me Back To Yours (Eskimo)
4. Lullabies in the Dark – Song for Marie (Aeroplane Mix) (Permanent Vacation)
5. Todd Terje – Italian Stallion (Full Pupp)
6. Ytre Rymden Dansskola – Kjappfot (Prins Thomas Mix) (Full Pupp)
7. Ajello – Magic Feet (9Radius)
8. Sally Shapiro – I’ll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Mix) (Permanent Vacation)
9. Aeroplane – Pacific Air Race (Dub) (Eskimo)
10. Lindstrom – Another Station (Todd Terje) (Clone)
11. Das Pop – Fool For Love (Aeroplane) (Prestel Records)
12. Cosmonauts – The Human Ghost (Senip)

Mixed & Edited @ Studio Woonsen by The Cosmonauts



Sasha – Involver 2

Buy it here

1. Badger – Intro
2. Telefon Tel Aviv – You Are The Worst Thing In The World (Invol2ver Remix)
3. Rone – Flesh (Invol2ver Remix)
4. Sasha Vs Ray LaMontagne – Eclipse (Ray LaMontagne Vocal Version)
5. Sasha Vs Adam Parker – Lowlife (Adam Parker Vocal Sample)
6. Charlie May – Midnight (Adam Parker Vocal Sample)
7. Apparat – Arcadia (Invol2ver Remix)
8. Home Video – That You Might (Invol2ver Remix)
9. Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch (Invol2ver Remix)
10. M83 – Couleurs (Invol2ver Remix)
11. Thom Yorke- The Eraser (Invol2ver Remix)
12. Sasha – 3 Little Piggys
13. Engineers – Sometimes I Realise (Invol2ver Remix)

So that’s it, I’m signing-off to enjoy my break. Cya…

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