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I wanted to cut down on the number of sites I was promoting and saw Russell Davies had signed-up for a Soup account. I took a look and was hooked.

The registration is devastatingly well thought through.

You customise the look of the site and import all your feeds before it asks you to choose a username so they can ‘remember’ you settings. By that time you’re already hooked as you have a sense of ownership.

You’ve also had change to play with another really snazzy feature.

Using a nice bit of Ajax the site loads in more and more content when you get to the bottom of a page. I’ve got my blog, Delicious, Flickr,, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and YouTube feeds imported and scrolling endlessly.

If you want to have a crack yourself here’s a JQuery implementation for endless scrolling.

It’s a really fresh piece of functionality but you should check it out for yourself:

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