Sticky Notes Experiment
EepyBird’s Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

A visual treat that’s much better then it title makes it sound, using over a quarter of a million Sticky Notes!

From waterfalls to wheels, all this craziness is made out of nothing but sticky notes — the zigzag pads made for pop-up dispensers.

From the creators of the Diet Coke + Mentos experiment, EepyBird.

Advertising trends explained… via the BBC Creative Department

Here’s the new Radio 2 promo using the snazzy editing and sound production shown off by Hyperactive / VW Golf.

There’s also a new one circulating for Radio 1 (I think) going with the Minilogue / Carphone Warehouse hands moving pictures animation styleee. Keep an eye out for it.

Btw I’m not knocking them.. It’s kinda reassuring to know that someone at the Beeb still has an eye on nice creative output.

Life According to Dinosaurs: Facebook

I like this cartoon and there’s some really nice stuff on the site. Now there’s the blurb:

Channel 4 have just launched a online channel for animation called 4mations. Backed by Channel 4, Aardman Animations and Lupus Films, this is just the start of the 4mations universe.

There’s more about it… and a Flash game called “Killing Kittens” over at Talent imitates, genius steals

New Microsoft ads from CP&B

Did that make you stop and think for a minute? There’s something so simple and cunning about it:

Last night I watched some actual television, with the commercial breaks and everything.

So I saw the new Microsoft ads from CP&B about 14 times over the course of a couple of hours.

[Ad frequency in the USA is truly staggering.]

I had the weirdest experience: I could feel my feelings towards Microsoft changing, subtly, each time the commercial shamelessly, blatantly, tugged at my heart strings. I felt, perceptibly, that I liked PCs a little more.

I thought about my Sony Windows laptop, lying neglected, forlorn, in the other room and felt perhaps I should boot it up.

My brain began to reverse engineer my previous memories, eroding the evil empire positioning, re-positioning it as one of a number of perceptions, distancing it from being my belief.

This was an odd feeling.

Each time the ad washed over me I felt a little more part of a PC world, one that I have only recently in fact moved away from.

I started to feel connected to that girl with glasses and that guy who sells fish and the dude with the beard and Bill and Pharrell.

[Not Deepak Chopra though – his fusion of Indian mysticism and garbled expressions from quantum mechanics peddled as healing and self help gets my goat.]

And each time I became more aware of the sensation itself at a different level, at a stage removed as I wondered how this was working and considered the strategy sitting behind it.

[Speaking of misappropriating Indian mysticism] This reminded me of an Indian meditation concept called Vipassana. It’s a meditation that allows you be aware of what you experiencing, an awareness of the experience one stage removed, via introspection and that.

I had that, but with ads.

As Eric points out, the campaign is inclusive – most people are part of the PC world already. They just need a little something to let them feel proud about it.

I even liked the Seinfeld ones.

Part of what CP&B are so good at is changing, or re-framing, the conversation around the brand.

via Talent imitates, genius steals

Gloss and advertising aside… here’s some YouTube comments from the real world. Textbook.

Musical treats while I’m away

I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks and am in the careful process of choosing the right music for the break. Essential stuff you know.

However being the caring sharing type I wanted to point you in the direction of a couple of stonking mixes you need to get for your collection.

It’s got nothing to do with the fact I know the guys behind them both. Honest.



The Cosmonauts – Voyage Uno

Free download

1. Cosmonauts – On Planet Woonsen (Senip)
2. Secret Stealth – Stealth 1 (Bear Funk)
3. Reverso 68 – Take Me Back To Yours (Eskimo)
4. Lullabies in the Dark – Song for Marie (Aeroplane Mix) (Permanent Vacation)
5. Todd Terje – Italian Stallion (Full Pupp)
6. Ytre Rymden Dansskola – Kjappfot (Prins Thomas Mix) (Full Pupp)
7. Ajello – Magic Feet (9Radius)
8. Sally Shapiro – I’ll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Mix) (Permanent Vacation)
9. Aeroplane – Pacific Air Race (Dub) (Eskimo)
10. Lindstrom – Another Station (Todd Terje) (Clone)
11. Das Pop – Fool For Love (Aeroplane) (Prestel Records)
12. Cosmonauts – The Human Ghost (Senip)

Mixed & Edited @ Studio Woonsen by The Cosmonauts



Sasha – Involver 2

Buy it here

1. Badger – Intro
2. Telefon Tel Aviv – You Are The Worst Thing In The World (Invol2ver Remix)
3. Rone – Flesh (Invol2ver Remix)
4. Sasha Vs Ray LaMontagne – Eclipse (Ray LaMontagne Vocal Version)
5. Sasha Vs Adam Parker – Lowlife (Adam Parker Vocal Sample)
6. Charlie May – Midnight (Adam Parker Vocal Sample)
7. Apparat – Arcadia (Invol2ver Remix)
8. Home Video – That You Might (Invol2ver Remix)
9. Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch (Invol2ver Remix)
10. M83 – Couleurs (Invol2ver Remix)
11. Thom Yorke- The Eraser (Invol2ver Remix)
12. Sasha – 3 Little Piggys
13. Engineers – Sometimes I Realise (Invol2ver Remix)

So that’s it, I’m signing-off to enjoy my break. Cya… – endless Lifestream scrolling


I wanted to cut down on the number of sites I was promoting and saw Russell Davies had signed-up for a Soup account. I took a look and was hooked.

The registration is devastatingly well thought through.

You customise the look of the site and import all your feeds before it asks you to choose a username so they can ‘remember’ you settings. By that time you’re already hooked as you have a sense of ownership.

You’ve also had change to play with another really snazzy feature.

Using a nice bit of Ajax the site loads in more and more content when you get to the bottom of a page. I’ve got my blog, Delicious, Flickr,, Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and YouTube feeds imported and scrolling endlessly.

If you want to have a crack yourself here’s a JQuery implementation for endless scrolling.

It’s a really fresh piece of functionality but you should check it out for yourself:

Dopplr. Where next?

Picture 2.png

i’ve taken the plunge and signed-up to Dopplr.

Matt Jones from Dopplr came in to do a lunchtime session at glue and having seen some of the cool stuff they’re doing with data it was only a matter of time.

Dopplr lets you share your future travel plans privately with friends and colleagues. The service then highlights coincidence, for example, telling you that three people you know will be in Paris when you will be there too. You can use Dopplr on your computer or mobile, and it links with online calendars and social networks.

The UI and design of the site is simple yet fantastic, the use of advanced coding tricks is clever but never excessive, and it’s another great example of a “connected” app, talking to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Fire Eagle.

You can SMS, Twitter and email your tips into Dopplr and there are loads of nice touches which build over time, such as Personal Velocity.

Picture 3.png

Take a look at my trips:

Read more about Dopplr and the technology behind it on their blog or take a tour.