Advertising Trends Explained: Short of a creative idea? YouTube is your friend.

From YouTube to Brand X. It feels like it’s happening more and more. I’ve noticed quite a few ads whose concept is lifted almost wholesale from popular YouTube videos. Bursts of creativity in digital channels… re-appearing with higher production values, to sell products.

Here’s a video that was upload to YouTube in May 2006, and was circulated heavily around creative agencies.

Hyperactive by Lasse Gjertsen

Here’s 2 UK adverts airing on television at the moment:

1. Sacla Pesto Sauce (Unknown Agency)

2. Volkswagen Polo (DDB London) More info.

Spot any similarities?

This is another great music video which was massive and really did the rounds a while back.

Again, massive on the internet but pretty blatantly lifted wholesale for a Berocca TV Ad… the hangover tablets in the green tube.

Here It Goes Again by OK Go

3. Berocca (JWT)

How much of this stuff do you notice? Do you mind?

Is it giving agencies a bad name? Or is this part of the game?

Should I pack in my job as a producer and get on the creative bandwagon?

Add your thoughts to the comments…

David Lynch shares his thoughts about watching films on mobile phones.

This is an example of when things “just work”.

To be able to mock the concept of watching “movies” on-the-go, whilst using Apple-esque simplicity is inspired. The original clip comes from the special edition DVD of Inland Empire. The use of language is evocative and Lynchs’ delivery is captivating. The anti-Jobs? Love it.

via Nicola Davies

Great illustration work for Medieval Season on BBC Four

New trailer for Medieval Season on BBC Four, featuring crazy animations from the mind of a medieval man on a trip. Accompanied by Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze, given a medieval overhaul no less.

Agency: Transistor, New York
Representation: Strange Beast (a branch of Passion Pictures)